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A new manifesto for serious illness care

  • It’s possible for people to live well, even in the face of serious illness.

    From diagnosis, through treatment, to cure or end of life.

    Thanks to advances in medicine, technology and innovation, people with serious illness are living better than ever before.

  • Everyone has a role to play.

    Improving the health care experience depends on clinicians, health systems, communities, social services, policies, payment, and oversight.

    The big win would be cross-institution collaboration that creates an ecosystem of care.

  • We could all benefit.

    Improving the experience for people living with serious illness is not just a good thing to do; it yields practical benefits and efficiencies for everyone.

    Let’s work together to improve the experience of patients living with serious illness and their families.

Instead of a conveyor belt, an ecosystem of care

Carelab Ecosystem Illustration

Too often, care for serious illness can feel like a series of procedures that are happening with little choice or guidance. In an ecosystem of care, all the kinds of care a person with serious illness needs would work together, in an interconnected, proactive, seamless way.

Could we work together to improve access to care, raise quality standards, ensure clinicians are trained, coordinate care between institutions, and develop payment mechanisms that support everyone to do the right thing? Could we improve patient and family experience even as we control costs?

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Let’s work together to improve the experience for people with serious illness.

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Stories that Reveal Plausible Futures

We translated what we learned about the potential future of serious illness care into 4 scenarios that illustrate the challenges people face in the current system. Many of the elements of these stories stem from recent, real patient experiences. We carefully chose each detail because they embody a trend that could be magnified in the future—depending on how we act now.

  • Judy Image


    Could we ensure that patients can always choose care that matches their values?
    Judy's Story
  • Earl Image


    Could we ensure that families don’t have to piece together the care they need?
    Earl's Story
  • Ron Image


    Could guidelines based on the best evidence reassure patients, instead of making them feel ignored?
    Ron's Story
  • Carmen Image


    It’s possible for people to live well in the face of serious illness–from diagnosis to cure, and even at the last phase of life.
    Carmen's Story
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